Sacred Heart University

SHU interview picture.jpg

In May of 2013, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Sacred Heart University with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and was awarded the Gold Medal of Excellence in Art and Design for my graduating class. Being a liberal arts school, Sacred Heart shaped me into a well-rounded student who gained knowledge in many areas. In addition to being a full-time student, I was also a Division I athlete, having participated on the Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Outdoor Track teams all four years. My senior year, I was named Co-Captain of all three teams.

My education in the Art and Design Department focused mainly on Graphic Design, focusing heavily on developing advanced skills with the Adobe Creative Suite. Other course requirements included drawing, painting, and illustration classes, all of which I enjoyed greatly. The skills and knowledge I acquired from my painting and illustration professors allowed me to produce multiple pieces that were accepted into several art galleries. The watercolor piece in the picture above was accepted into the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles in 2012.

I am grateful for the education I received at Sacred Heart. It has given me the confidence to take on the real world and to continue to find outlets for my creativity.